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Financial Planning Unlimited, Inc.

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Our Firm

Financial Planning Unlimited is an independent financial and retirement planning services firm, dedicated to serving the financial planning needs of individuals, businesses, and participants in employer retirement plans. Representing many of the finest, most innovative, and financially strong companies in the industry, you can rely upon us to serve your interests objectively and with the highest level of service and knowledge.

Integrity, Experience, Competence, and the ability to work with leading financial product or service providers make Financial Planning Unlimited a unique and unbiased advisor. With over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, the Financial Planning Unlimited team is highly qualified in the areas of personal financial planning, business and retirement planning. We are a local firm with strong professional relationships and ongoing commitment to the individuals, families, businesses, and organizations in our community. 

Financial Planning Unlimited develops comprehensive, long-term financial planning relationships with individual clients, working in cooperation with other advisors, to meet client needs in investment management, education funding, retirement planning, risk management, and estate and tax planning. We have helped hundreds of individuals develop a financial roadmap to achieve their personal, family, and business objectives. 

We put the customer first, understanding their needs and objectives, and take pride in educating our clients about appropriate solutions to their unique financial needs.  


Financial Planning Unlimited was formed in 1981 with Norman L. Peterson as President. The office building was purchased the next year, and we have been at this same location since 1982. We wish to continue to provide prompt, courteous, and helpful service in a friendly environment; to present appropriate financial solutions that suit your specific needs. To assure the optimal plan preparation, we will network with other professionals: bankers, real estate agents, CPAs, and attorneys that share our same work ethics.