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Anissa Storie Hart

Anissa Storie Hart

Client Care Specialist

Anissa Storie Hart began working for Financial Planning Unlimited, Inc (FPU) in September of 2012. In the 25 years prior to joining the firm, Anissa worked with clients in both the private and public sectors. She has experience in various industries including financial, non-profit, real estate, manufacturing, and politics. In addition, while she lived in California, she had a successful computer business.

At FPU, Anissa serves as our Client Care Specialist. Drawing upon past work experiences, she applies her administrative, marketing and communication skills as she heads up the day to day operations of the business while providing support to the FPU Team. Her friendly demeanor can often be heard when answering the phones or scheduling appointments for the office. Like all small businesses, we all wear many hats and everyone is willing to help out with whatever is needed to get the job done.

Anissa is a State of Arizona Notary. She continually expands and updates her knowledge for maintaining the level of service that it takes to serve the clients with asset management, financial planning, insurance, retirement planning and estate planning. She enjoys talking with each of our clients, knowing them on a deeper level. Call Anissa for a full beneficiary review or if you need a document notarized.

In her spare time Anissa is involved in her community, participating in several volunteer programs. When she is not reading, cooking or crafting, you can find her outdoors in her garden, hiking or exploring the vast Arizona scenery. Anissa and her husband mostly appreciate spending time with their family and friends.